Everybody wants to make their car last as long as it can. Ever think “what mileage does my car get to?” Or “I wonder how long my car will last without it’s oil change?” Taking care of your car is critical for the cars and your own safety. Below are the things you should do to get the most out of your car and to keep it on the road for as long as possible.

Regular maintenance is the key to having a long lasting car. There’s no getting around this one as it is very unlikely that a car that’s not regularly checked and serviced won’t make it to 100,000 miles.

Maintaining your car’s cooling system at the proper coolant level is as important as making sure the engine is well lubed and can potentially save you hundreds of pounds in repairs, as cooling system failure can result in your engine literally melting down.

Tires are often the most neglected part of a car. Not checking your tyre pressure is not only bad for the car but the tires and fuel economy, it is also a safety issue. The simple step of keeping the tires up to proper pressure is valuable all the way around.

The way you drive has an effect on how long your car and your petrol will last, therefore you need to drive smarter. You will not only save wear and tear by having good driving habits, but it also saves fuel, taking off fast and coming to a stop quickly can be bad on a car and affect the engine and the brakes. Diesel cars are nutritiously bad for the environment also so make sure you use a diesel particulate filter cleaning service to avoid increasing your footprint.

Taking care of the exterior of your car by regularly washing and waxing it is also linked to a long lasting car. You should spend time keeping it clean and clean-smelling. You should also vacuum the carpet on a regular basis.

It is also recommended that if possible to store your car in a garage or under a carport or cover. This keeps it out of the sun and to keep it away from bird droppings.